Little Stars Founders

Little Stars Productions is a NZ owned company that shares the passion and values of the majority of parents today, that nothing is more important than our children!

This family based company is operated by Mike and Lisa Wardill who have been married for over 20 years and together have 2 wonderful children, Bob and Anna. Actually they are almost miniature clones of Mum and Dad!

The development of Little Stars has been going on behind the scenes since 2005, with Lisa Wardill learning the arts of Digital Animation and Film making whilst working as a self employed Computer Consultant. Together with Mike they have tested, trialed, and improved the product many times over to appeal to staff and parents of children that attend ECE centres.

In February 2010 they moved house and home from the paradise of Central Otago to launch Little Stars at the Auckland Stardome on Children’s Day. This innovative and exciting business is a delightful experience for all Children, ECE staff, and for the Wardill family.

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