Films & Fundraising

Unique Experience for Your Toddlers and Young Children
Interacting with the Magic of Technology
Promotes Group Interaction, Co-Operation and Encouragement
Exciting Safe and Creative
Stimulates Curiosity and Exploration
Develops Spatial Understanding and greater Body Awareness

We bring a mini film studio to you and the magic begins!
An area of about 4m x 4m and a power point is all we need.

Once we are set up the fun starts - this is an activity where everyone can get involved.

Twinkle Little Stars
The child/children (siblings sit together) take it in turns to be filmed and actually see themselves on TV, taking part in their own animated adventure.

They thoroughly enjoy watching themselves with the characters, and this promotes them to play along, dancing, waving, blowing kisses and most importantly genuinely having fun.

This makes the Film an absolute pleasure for parents and grandparents to watch time and again, for years to come.

Sample films are produced on DVD a week following filming, so parents can take them home to view

Full copies of the film can then be ordered

Flying Little Star

Your Early Childhood Centre receives 10% of the total sales!


In lieu of fundraising we will donate 10% of the total sales to the charity of your choice, or to the Starhip Foundation

Starship Foundation

My Sample Disk

Sample DVD's will be issued to the participating centre 7-10 days following filming.

These disks have the word SAMPLE over the centre of the movie.

This mark is semi transparent so parents and whanau can view the full adventure and watch their child starring in their own movie.

Purchased films have the SAMPLE mark removed so you can see your Little Stars in all their Glory!

1 Child Star

SAMPLE Little Star
Sample DVD Screenshot

Little Star
Purchased Film Screenshot

Sibling Stars

SAMPLE Little Stars
Sample DVD Screenshot

Little Stars
Purchased Film Screenshot

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